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Dry mixtures of the «warm» series of the company «Favorit» based on lightweight porous filler of Kerwood foamed ceramics →

Thermal floor insulation is an important element of house warming. This is especially true for the first floors of multi-apartment houses and low-rise buildings. It can be done quickly and simply with the help of the screed «Teplopol De Luxe» with foamed ceramics.

Comfort in the house is determined by different factors, and the main one is microclimate. Optimum and stable temperature inside is a guarantee of a long service life of the building and well-being of the residents.

Thermal insulation of the floor is a must sign of high quality repairs or modern construction. There are many materials at the market, however, we consider only one as the simplest and the most accessible, including those who do repairs with their own hands.

Today the screed «Teplopol De Luxe» is the most optimal way of the floor insulation with minimum labour input and a guaranteed result.

The screed «Teplopol De Luxe» is made with application of foamed ceramic Kerwood® which is an innovative lightweight filler.

Typical scheme for leveling walls using the heat and soundproof screed De Luxe® TEPLOPOL

  1. Mineral base
  2. Grounding De Luxe®
  3. Waterproofing De Luxe®
  4. Screed De Luxe® Teplopol
  5. System «warm floor»
  6. Self-leveling floor De Luxe®
  7. Dalle glue De Luxe®
  8. Facing tile

To start with, the weight of 25 liters of mortar «Teplopol De Luxe» is only 12 kg, which is twice as light as usual sand-cement screeds. Saving on transport costs is obvious, and loading and unloading operations are much more convenient with light bags.

Density of the hardened screed «Teplopol De Luxe» does not exceed 500 kg/m³, and the coefficient of the heat conductivity is only 0.1 W / m ∙ K. These indicators fully correspond to requirements of the Russian State Standard GOST 16381-77 (ST SEV 5069 — 85), required for heat-insulating materials.

Density of the standard cement-and-sand screed is 1600-1800 kg/m³, which is three times higher, and thermal insulation qualities are completely absent. Additional expenditures are needed to install heat insulation which eventually leads to an increase in the time and labour costs.

Sound insulation at home will never lose its relevance, which is especially important for inhabitants of a megalopolis. Children’s games, animals and noisy parties create a sound discomfort for neighbours, sometimes leading to conflict situations. The light screed «Teplopol De Luxe» has good sound insulating qualities (Rw = 33 dB), which allow to solve this problem.

Thus, application of the screed «Teplopol De Luxe» solves three problems: alignment, heat and sound insulation.

Kerwood® lightweight filler is an excellent opportunity to significantly reduce the load on the floors during construction, repairs or restoration of dilapidated buildings, warming of loggias and balconies.

Low consumption of the screed «Teplopol De Luxe» gives an additional three and even four times multiple savings compared to the conventional cement-and-sand screed.

Heated floors tend to be an excellent and comfortable attribute of comfort, which requires increased monthly heating or electricity costs. Meanwhile «Teplopol De Luxe» allows you to save 10 — 15% of the cost of heating.

The screed with a light filler creates a «heat shield» between the floor base and the heating element, which leads as a result to a lower energy expenditure.

Technology of setting «Teplopol De Luxe» is similar to a conventional screed, easy and simple to carry out due to plaster grounds. Because of the presence of Kerwood® foamed ceramics, the screed «Teplopol De Luxe» will not collapse with the time, it will not lose its physical and technical characteristics. Foamed ceramics is made of natural material diatomite and is absolutely non-combustible (there is more information about Kerwood® microspheres in the magazine «Dry building mixtures, № 6, 2017). The warm screed «Teplopol De Luxe» is completely unattractive for rodents and does not emit any harmful substances.

As a result, you’ll get an environmentally friendly floor with a high class of fire safety, unlike screeds on the basis of other fillers.

This is only a small part of the advantages of new warm series materials of dry building mixtures De Luxe based on Kerwood® foamed ceramics.