Ventilated facades

GS1 0,3 – 0,6
Ventilated facades
Fireproof, moisture resistant, finishable

Resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as to moisture, makes the panels with Kerwood® foamed ceramics an excellent facade material. Thanks to the low weight of the filler, panels with Kerwood® granules are really light. So they are convenient to handle during installation and cheap in delivery.


  • Fire safety

    Granules are made of foamed ceramics, which does not burn and does not emit harmful substances when being heated.
  • Moisture resistance

    This is an important quality for the material used in the facade decoration. Despite the internal porosity of the granules, their whole shell allows not to absorb moisture.
  • Possibility of exterior decoration

    Such panels can be plastered, covered with stone or glass: Kerwood® foamed ceramics provides panels with sufficient mechanical strength.