About us

We are a specialized research and production enterprise for integrated research, technology development and production of industrial foamed ceramics.

Our equipment (processing lines for drying, fine grinding and mineral dressing, gas-generating plants, etc.) has perfectly proved itself at the production sites of Western Siberia, the Urals, Central Russia, as well as neighbouring and far abroad countries: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland →


In 2010, «STEP-Invest» сompany developed and introduced the technology of production of Kerwood® lightweight filler, which is widely used to improve the qualities of various building materials (from concrete to paints and dry mixtures).

We are often asked: why is this brand called Kerwood®? The first part of the name — “ker”-, is an abbreviation for the word “ceramics”. But why “wood”, which means “tree” in English?

Firstly, the internal structure of Kerwood® granules is similar to the cellulose: a set of closed cells in one solid shell.

Secondly, our goods are produced of diatomite or trefoil. This material is of plant origin: 30 million years ago it used to be diatom algae, fossilized over time.

Finally, environmental cleanliness is one of our main landmarks in the production of Kerwood® granules. We strive for it at all levels: the most environmentally friendly materials, production, final products.

Thus, Kerwood® is really a “ceramic tree”.

How did our company manage to bring a product with such a wide range of advantages to the market and make it so popular? The key to success is both thorough quality control and use of the most advanced technologies at all stages of production: during crushing, grinding, heat processing of the raw material and its separation.

You can get more details about the characteristics of our goods, their technical and economic advantages, as well as the scope of application in the appropriate sections of the web site. We are always eager to answer any questions.


Key difference

We carry out production and delivery of modern unique and ecological goods — foamed ceramics filler (ceramic microspheres) — for construction mixtures, polymer, grouting, paint and insulation mortars, materials and raw materials, fire protection components. Without intermediaries, right from the manufacturer, with a guarantee and in the shortest possible time.