Strainers and backfilling

Strainers and backfilling Kerwood®

Kerwood® foamed ceramics is widely used in various dry strainers and backfilling for leveling floors, thermal insulation and solving some other tasks. Kerwood® goods are chosen for these purposes not only because of the technical characteristics, but also for reasons of economic benefit.

Possible fields of application

Kerwood® lightweight filler is successfully used for leveling and adjusting the height of floors, as a loose thermal insulation layer for floors or ceilings (including vaulted or trapezoidal ceilings). It is allowed to use in situations with a large surface pressure assumed. Kerwood® granules can also be used to protect pipes and cable ducts, when installing thermal accumulators, to insulate the exterior of the building, as a drainage strainer.

Advantages of Kerwood® foamed ceramic granules

Due to the following properties, Kerwood® foamed ceramics is the best choice for strainers, backfilling and other dry fillers.

  • Mechanical strength
    Granules have excellent resistance to pressure, which is extremely important for use in filling the floors. Kerwood® foamed ceramics impart the necessary rigidity to the surface.
  • Low thermal conductivity
    The porous structure of the filler allows to effectively resist both heat losses from the room and, on the contrary, its excessive heating.
  • High flowability
    The shape of the granules and their small size is a pledge that the filler will be distributed evenly, will occupy all the cavities and will achieve a perfectly flat surface.
  • Moisture resistance
    Due to an intact shell, Kerwood® granules perfectly withstand moisture.
  • Safety
    The filler does not burn and does not emit harmful substances at high temperatures.
  • Hygienicity
    In the Kerwood® filler pests, microorganisms and mold do not multiply. It is also resistant to rodents.

In addition, the use of Kerwood® filler also has direct economic benefits arising from the technical qualities of the granules.

Using Kerwood® granules is profitable

Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres can save money for the following reasons:

  1. Light weight
    The necessary volume of filler will be lighter than other materials, reducing transportation costs.
  2. Reduction of man-hours at work
    Work with the Kerwood® filler is convenient, and all operations will take much less time.
  3. Durability
    The foamed ceramic filler does not settle and retains all its qualities for many years.
  4. Keeping the heat
    Energy savings for heating the room will be significant, since the heat-insulating qualities of the porous microspheres are extremely high.

It is also important to note a wide range of applications of the material.