Mineral and polymer casting

Mineral casting, polymer concrete and thermosetting plastic with Kerwood® granules

Mineral casting and polymer concrete impose quite high requirements for the filler (especially the first one, where not more than 4 mm fractions are used). Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres are ideal for the production of these materials, replacing calcium carbonate and other common mineral fillers.

Field of application

Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres are used in all types of mineral casting, polymer concrete, and also in various thermosetting plastic.

Bathtubs, sinks and other plumbing, interior elements (for example, window sills, countertops), as well as outdoor furniture is made of mineral casting with such a filler. In the latter case, the resistance of Kerwood® filler to the negative environmental factors is particularly important.

Technical advantages of using Kerwood® granules

Polymer concrete and mineral casting are composite materials consisting of the pitch and mineral fillers, while the share of the latter is very high. Therefore, a lot depends on the physical and chemical qualities of the filler. Kerwood® granules have the following advantages:

  • High compressive strength
    Resistance to mechanical action is never superfluous
  • Significant weight reduction of the material
    Thanks to Kerwood® granules, you can achieve weight reduction of up to 70%
  • Wide choice of sizes
    This is very important for the development of new polymer concrete, mixtures for mineral casting and thermosetting plastic.
  • Heat insulation
    These granules have a porous structure, inside they contain air, and therefore they have a lower thermal conductivity than ordinary mineral fillers.
  • Moisture resistance
    Thanks to an integral shell, granules are not afraid of moisture, being very important for sanitary materials.
  • Safety
    Kerwood® lightweight filler does not burn or emit any harmful substances when being heated. Granules have a completely mineral composition and do not contain organic impurities.

Besides, resistance of Kerwood® foamed ceramics to high temperatures should be noted, which also plays a big role in many cases of using mineral casting and polymer concrete.

Economic benefit of using Kerwood® granules

Kerwood® filler is not only an excellent solution to many technical problems encountered in the manufacture of polymer concrete and products made of it. The qualities of these granules also contribute to direct economic benefit.

  • Fast solidification of the material
  • Profitable acceleration of production
  • Non-porous surface
    Products made of pitch with Kerwood® filler do not require additional processing, as well as extra expenses.
  • Easy to handle
    Due to the low weight of the product, it is easy to assemble, possible to refine and fit on the spot.
  • Durability and reliability
    Service life of mineral casting and similar polymeric materials with Kerwood® filler is increased, making it also economically profitable.

In addition, effective heat insulation always reduces energy costs (for example, it’s valid while using these materials to create various decorative panels).