Vehicle industry

Kerwood® granules in the automobile industry

In the automobile industry materials with low weight, high strength, and predictable deformation, if strength is exceeded, are in demand. Kerwood®® foamed ceramic microspheres perfectly fit into this modern concept, being used in lightweight chassis and details absorbing the impact energy in an accident.

Main advantages of Kerwood® filler for automobile parts

Of course, the automotive industry is not the same as construction at all , so other benefits of Kerwood® granules, than those which are commonly spoken about, are important. First of all, you should pay attention to these factors:

  • Light weight of granules
    The filler is extremely light due to the porous structure, and when cars are designed, the reduction of weight not even for grams, but for hundreds of grams is strived for.
  • Mechanical strength
    Granules perfectly withstand pressure and impact loads.
  • Predictability of deformation
    With the help of Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres, it is possible to ensure that in an accident, the corresponding parts of the car would be destroyed exactly as it is planned. That is safe for humans.
  • Safety in case of fire
    This issue is critical for a car. Kerwood® granules do not burn and do not emit toxic substances under the influence of high temperature.
  • Heat insulation
    Car interior panels made of materials filled with Kerwood® foamed ceramics will make heat losses from the interior minimized (and heat in summer will be reduced as well).
  • Sound insulation
  • Interior comfort
    This is also an important question: porous granules perfectly absorb sounds.

Fields of application within the industry

Most often Kerwood® microspheres are used in seemingly completely different classes of cars: “houses on wheels” and electric cars. Nevertheless, they have one common characteristic: the need to minimize the weight of parts while maintaining their strength. This is facilitated by Kerwood® foamed ceramics.

If we talk about specific examples of use, the main ones are:

  • Cores of parts absorbing impact power
    The loose lightweight filler fits perfectly in order to extinguish the impact energy in case of an accident. Granules are also used to protect the bottom and keep hermiticity.
  • Plastic parts
    In addition to weight loss, when they are cooled, the use of Kerwood® filler positively affects the nature of the shrinkage.
  • Cellular composites
    These materials, made with the use of Kerwood® foamed ceramics, can replace many metal parts thus reducing the overall weight of the structure.
  • Materials for car interior panels
    They are suitable for a dashboards and any other panels. In this case foamed ceramics is used as a filler for synthetic foam, based on polyurethane or epoxy pitch.
  • Damping materials and reinforcing tapes
    Their weight, when Kerwood® microgranules are used in production, will also be reduced.