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Lightweight concrete and Kerwood® granules. Application and qualities.

Lightweight concrete has a lot of advantages and a wide range of applications in construction. But the use of Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres gives this material even more impressive qualities.

Field of application

Kerwood® filler is suitable for creating architectural concrete, laminate, glass fiber reinforcement or textile. Lightweight concretes with Kerwood® microspheres are used for the erection of walls, load-bearing structures, ceilings and any other elements of the building.
High-quality facing panels, imitating a stone, can be made of lightweight concrete with the use of foamed ceramics. Kerwood® granules are used in all areas where lightweight concrete can be applied.

Improved qualities of lightweight concrete

Using Kerwood® filler reinforces all the main advantages of lightweight concrete. Such a material is successfully applied both for the erection of new buildings, and for the reconstruction of existing ones.

  1. Weight loss
    With the use of Kerwood® granules, the previous volume of lightweight concrete will weigh less.
  2. Heat and sound insulation
    The porous structure of the filler reduces the apparent density of the concrete. This allows to create effective sound insulation and to lose less heat. Lightweight concrete with Kerwood® granules is great for building in any latitudes.
  3. Easy to work with
    Lightweight material is convenient to deliver and easy to work with in the process of construction and processing. In addition, the capabilities of designers are significantly expanded: the load-bearing structures of buildings can now be much thinner and more elegant.
  4. Ecological cleanliness
    Lightweight concrete with Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres poses no threat to people and the environment. There is no risk of carburization, no emission of harmful substances.
  5. Resistance to high temperatures
    There is no risk of carburization, under the influence of high temperatures lightweight concrete with Kerwood® filler does not emit harmful substances. In addition, it effectively prevents the spread of fire.
  6. High strength
    The value of compressive strength corresponds to the Russian State Standard for lightweight concretes, and the probability of crack formation in the structure is significantly reduced.

Economic benefits of use

The use of Kerwood® granules in the production of lightweight concrete provides savings (and hence an increase in revenues) due to a number of factors:

  • Increase in output (relevant for producers)
  • Reduced transportation costs due to low weight
  • Possibility to use both concrete mixers and concrete pumps, since Kerwood® foamed ceramics does not break down in them
  • Shorter construction time
  • Reduction of heating costs (actual for building owners)

Using Kerwood® granules for lightweight concrete has a clear benefit from all points of view: in the design and construction phases, in a purely financial sense, in the environmental aspect and safety issues.