Paints and wallpapers

GS1 0,3 – 0,6
Paints and wallpapers
Surface protection, fire safety, visual effects

In addition to a wide range of building materials, Kerwood® foamed ceramics also finds application in design tasks: granules are used in wallpaper and paints. At the same time, many of the advantages, due to which the filler is popular in its more “familiar” areas, are fully revealed.


  • Kerwood® foamed ceramic microspheres create interesting effects on the painted surface: peculiar “drifts” of paint and structured island formations. Granules perfectly adhere to the wall and reliably hold on to it.

  • Similarly, the wallpaper gets an unusual surface texture. Usually Kerwood® granules are used for additional finishing of the vinyl wallpaper (any color).
  • Сreation of fire-resistant and heat-insulating paints with foamed ceramics for protection of various surfaces, load-bearing structures and heat supply systems is becoming increasingly widespread.
  • Fire safety

    Kerwood® granules do not burn and are effective in preventing the spread of fire. They are completely mineral, without any organic impurities and do not release harmful substances when being heated.
  • Heat insulation

    Even a thin layer of porous granules on the wall helps to keep the heat in the room, reducing the cost of heating.
  • Sound insulation

    Acoustic qualities of walls are improved when Kerwood® filler is used in the interior paint or wallpaper.
  • Interesting visual effects

    Designers have a lot of new opportunities to create a unique interior.
  • Protection against fungus and pests

    Kerwood® granules counteract their reproduction. In addition, foamed ceramic granules are resistant to moisture.