Oil and gas industry

Oil and gas production

The oil and gas industry has specific requirements for the quality of the used cement. Kerwood® filler allows to achieve compliance with them, without complicating the process of construction or using harmful substances. In addition, we shouldn’t forget about other advantages of the filler.

Kerwood® as an inertizing additive in grouting mortars provides a number of advantages:

  • Possibility of using single-stage cementing instead of a multistage
  • Reducing the cost of repairs and restoration work
  • Lowering the risk of damage to the reservoir during cementation
  • Greater flow rate of the well due to the less impact on the reservoir
  • Decrease in the specific gravity of the cement mortar to 1.3–1.5 g / cm3 (for a conventional lightweight gel-cement slurry of 1.52–1.54 g / cm3)
  • Maintenance of the given height of the mortar rise
  • Non-shrinkage in the formation of the cement stone
  • Improving the connection of the layers with the well casing pipes

Backfilling with Kerwood® filler has the following qualities:

  • Improved elasticity (resistance to cracks)
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Good adhesion with metals and rocks
  • Low shrinkage during hardening
  • Low permeability for liquids and gases
  • High strength at low density
  • Ease of drilling out

We can send results of tests and laboratory studies, as well as conclusions, on individual request.